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The Future is Now

Eden Global Impact Group is the 1st company in the world to unite more than 1100 high end futuristic clean technologies and sustainability solutions to reverse climate change by helping the most polluting companies become green. We are present in 15 countries and ready to deploy all over the Globe.

Its time for evolution on Planet Earth. Upgrade your business.

Its time for a transition to the Future.

Become a green, clean tech innovative, sustainable, ethical and prosperous leader of the New Economy.

We help replace all polluting systems and technologies with our 380 clean technologies and sustainability solutions to reach Global Net Zero . We took on the challenge to transform the 500 most polluting industrial groups by 2030, and 1000 most polluting ones by 2040.

We believe that this is THE solution to reverse the effects climate change.

Clean Technologies

We have 1100 clean high end futuristic technologies to replace all polluting tech and processes in all industries .

Sustainability programs

Tailored sustainability solutions and strategies for all companies , no matter their size or their industry. We offer sustainability transformation programs , covering all social, human , environmental and economical aspects.


We also offer green finance facilitation. We help businesses start the process of sustainable transformation and obtain funding to cover the costs of the sustainable changEs that they implement. We Offer access to the green finance market estimated to reach 30 trillion dollars this year. This makes it the fastest growing investment mrket in the world.

I have had the most amazing transformation . I grew my business, got 3 million in funding and tripled my sales, I will be forever grateful to the Eden Global Impact competent team.

Amy Johnson

Let’s save the planet and create a solar advanced conscious gallactic human civilization together.

Book a call to discover how we can help you propulse your business to the Future.

The 1st company in the world to unite more than 1100 clean technologies and sustainability programs to replace all polluting processes and technologies in all industries.

Values and Mission

Our Values: 
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Positivity
  • Loyalty
  • Perseverance
  • Cooperation
  • Compassion
  • Unity
  • Evolution

In times of planetary climate change emergency, we are asked to rethink our structures, governance, economic models, industrial modes of production, as well as our impact on people, economies and the environment.


According to the UN’s latest climate change report, governments, corporations and key stakeholders must make the transition to a 100% sustainable global system, within a time frame of a maximum of 8 years, before we hit the point of no return in terms of what may be a global climate catastrophy that would have irreversible damage on ecosystems, households, jobs and entire economies.

Our mission is to bring about solutions of sustainability both in the private and public sectors, and to help stakeholders make the necessary changes towards sustainability by implementing cost effective, practical and faisable solutions for corporations and governments.

ralph-ravi-kayden-GBnMW-6LNbQ-unsplash (1)

We aim to help key stakeholders transform their operation systems to smart sustainable systems, by offering them sustainable development strategies both internal and external, and that aim the reduction of CO2 emissions, implement solutions to waste and pollution, embed sustainable human resources strategies that promote well-being, employee satisfaction and fidelisation for an increase of productivity and performance results, environmental and social projects for communities in developping countries (Africa and Central America), create and strenghten public and diplomatic relations with decision makers, major global organisations and governments.


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