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About us

At Eden Global Impact, we believe that evolution is everyone’s birth right. We believe that nature is the most precious that we have as a civilization.

We help in the transition towards The New Business Paradigm, fair, green, ethical and sustainable.

Our team of experts is composed of notable scientists, researchers, architects, sustainability experts, PhD s, and executives with extensive knowledge and expertise in architecture, business, diplomatic and executive relations, global and env. affairs, economics and finance.

We accompany our client throughout the process of green transformation going from the human and social aspects to the economic and operations aspects as well as the environmental aspects.

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Architecture and landscaping

  • We transform buildings , offices, hotels and boats to 100% green and sustainable, autonomous, technological and intelligent , energy efficient and independant.

Human sustainability

  • We help individuals, families, and businesse s who require guidance through the complexities of human experience. We assist with all types of programs for teams, employees , managers and executives.

Supply Chain and Operations

  • Our expertise is in all areas of business. We therefore scan all departments to come up with strategies that make all components of the sustainability equation green, more efficient and more resilient.


  • ” Eden Global Impact changed my life. They helped me find the right loyalty programs for my employees and since then, I have been able to retain every single collaborator in my team. ”

As a manager, I can note the changes in my team’s creativity, productivity and contentment at work since we chose to enroll them in the Eden Human sustainability program.

— Christina Lopez HR Manager

I am happy to have discovered Eden Global . Glad I trusted them with helping fix some of the issues that my business was having , and the truth is that they surpassed my expectations!

They took care of the entire sustainability transformation and my company has upgraded since then. Our employees are happier, our processes are smarter, more efficient , ecological and our new clean technologies represent a big step towards a better Future for us.

— Oliver Janson VP

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