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Through our monthly memberships, you can be sure to have the best price in the market for your transformation to sustainability, while taking the time to implement changes gradually and safely into your company.

We offer tailored sustainability services and an integral transformation for all kinds of companies ,no matter their size and their sector.

All offers include

  • 15 hours of sustainability consulting per month
  • Access to an entire team of experts and advisors in engineering, sustainability, marketing, green finance and HR to successfully complete the sustainability transformation
  • Full auditing of the company
  • A free environmental report
  • Premium membership to Eden Global Earth Alliance
  • Free green finance advisory
  • Market intelligence
  • Communication and Viral marketing sustainability strategy
  • Business Development Strategy
  • New HR sustainability Strategy

Small Size companies and Startups\

999$ /month

For companies with employees ranging from 1 to 11 employees, this service offers sustainability transformation at a very affordable rate, access to billions of $ in finance /through our investor partners.

Medium Size Companies

1999$ / month

For companies with employees ranging from 11 to 50 employees, this service offers a full sustainability transformation, very advanced technical, engineering and financial advisory , access to billions of $ in finance /through our investor partners, and access to an entire team of top experts and advisors for less that the salary of one employee.

Large Size Companies

2999$ / month

For companies of over 50 employees, this service helps large companies determine the best sustainability strategies for them specifically , to help transform to 100% ecological systems, solve major operations problems, increase sales, implement the latest clean technologies, realize differential value from competition and become a leader in sustainability.

My team and I are very grateful to have done our sustainability transformation with Eden Global . We have learned a lot about the new reality of business and have successfully upgraded our company , it did not cost us a lot, and the value generated just keeps growing . Absolutely worthwhile

Ingrid Brown

Let’s see how we can help you transform into the super sustainable company of the future that you are destined to be .

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