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We are architects of the new business paradigm taking place globally. We provide clean technologies and help companies, institutions and governments, resolve the issues of non sustainable practices and to transit from  the old overated grid to the smart grid. This helps them gain in added value, widen their folio of possible partners and investors, increase growth and profit, and have a positive impact on the planet, people and the economy, both locally and globally.


We are a strong dedicated team of top experts and international professionals in finance, sustainability, global affairs, policy, diplomacy, business intelligence, engineering, law and economics. We are present on a total of 11 countries, mainly in Africa, Europe and Latin America. Our team includes highly qualified senior executives and consultants in the fields of sustainable development, law, finance, operations, policy, diplomacy, communication, political science, holistic health and human resources, UN and WorldBank officials, sustainability professionals, environmental and social experts.

We operate in many countries, and have adapted strategies for every regional context that we work with. Our goal is to help transform the systems into sustainable, zero waste, green and socially ethical systems that will last in the long run and help increase productivity, economic growth and social prosperity. Uniting the latest green technological solutions, the best communication and sustainability strategies, as well as the latest discoveries in social engineering, holistic therapy designed for corporate groups and employees, we thrive to help our clients make a quantum jump forward in the respective fields and speed up their expansion and development processes, maximize their profits, ensuring their direction into an evolutionary path that is risk limited, success garantied in the long term, and positively impactful on the environment, the people and the economy.


We are a strong team of passionate, innovative, focused and determined professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Lea Iman M.

President- CEO

Lea Iman M. is an international entrepreneur, political scientist and diplomacy expert, futurist and clean-tech enthousiast. She was the head of communications and diplomacy at the Worldbank-gaia platform in Africa, and has founded, launched and succesfully completed a few projects and ventures in sustainability around the planet, especially in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Her expertise extends over many fields including political science, arts and sciences, holistic health, clean tech, sustainable management, fair trade, economics, sustainable developement, international affairs, diplomacy and communication.

Jovan Pavlovic

Chief Diplomacy Office (CDO)

International politics and diplomacy expert Jovan Pavlovic is also the executive director of the Institute for developement alternatives and cooperation. He also has a mission within the OSCE, the world’s largest security and cooperation organisation with 57 state members focusing on cooperation and the peaceful settlement of disputes, based in Vienna, Austria. After many years within the media and dommunications field, he joined the UN. as a project team member and later became a senior adviser to SOS villages Serbia and Head of the country office for the Environmental Regional center for Central Europe.

Valeria Fenutina

Chief Communications Officer (CC0)

Deva Nirguna

Chief Architect Officer (CA0)

Cristiana BĂ rsony-Arcidiacono, Ph.D.

Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)

Researcher, climatologist at the CNRS in Paris, She is also a doctor in Physics, Politics, Sustainability and Business Development . She worked as a Water Resources manager at the UNESCO for years as well as the IAEA, The International Atomic Energy Agency .

Her Fields of expertise extends from pure science, engineering and innovation to Nuclear Research, Renewable energies, sustaianble waste management , Hydrology, Ground water Modeling etc. She is also an expert in humanitarian and social action and programs, with extensive competences in the the Non Profit Sector .

Mijal Gelin

Marketing Director

After graduating in Marketing from the Commerce School of Santiago , Chile, She added another degree in Digital Analytics forBusiness , before getting 3 Google certifications in Google Analytics for Business . She later got another degree as a Marketing Engineer from DuocUC Graduate School . She later got another Google certification by completing the Digital Marketing course from Google. She is a passionate art designer as well as editor and writer. She is passionate about the environment and she feels the necessity to act urgently, hence why she joigned Eden Global Impact , and together they move the force.

Alexander Ponomarenko

Finance and investment Director

Dr. Jennifer Little

Corporate sustainability director

Graduated in the University of Florida in communications with concentration in psychology, biology and anthrolopology, she later got a doctor degree in chinese medicine at the American College of Traditional Chinese medicine. She practices as a chinese acupuncturist and licensed herbalist. She also worked for almost a decade as a wellness coach and holistic consultant . She is now working together with the Eden Team Very concerned about the state of humanity and the Earth, she helps Eden Global in its programs in HR sustainability, employee wellbeing, sustainable management and corporate sustainability.

Daniel Alberto Lopez PhD.

Maritime Tech Innovations Director

Graduated in the Universidad del Mar as a PhD. Researcher and technician , Daniel has extensive experience and knowledge in various sectors and disciplines such as : Sustainability studies , ecology and marine sciences , oceanology , biology and anthrolopology.

He is in charge of the Marine industries Technologies within Eden Global Impact Group.

Dr. Nicolas Castro

Chief Technical Office (CTO)

Shyama Desai

Head of Country- India

Stjepan Zorko

Audio visual director

Abhijit Das

Asia- Sales Director

Anya Besabara

Graphic and Web Director

Luis Jose Alberto Vilchis Velez

Sales and Business Development Director

Guadalupe Nieto Huizar

Sales and International Relations Director

Elias Christofori

Clean Tech and Engineering Director

Eden Global Impact Europe

Najwa Moussaid

Human Sustainability Director -Clinical therapist

Eden Global Impact Europe

Chandan Keera

Asia- Project Director (India)


Manuel Pineiro

Business Development and innovation director- Industrial Engineer

Eden Global Latin America

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