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This News letter is brought to you daily, hourly, as we go. Climate News as well as science, business, tech, economy, finance, this is the news selection of the futurist, eager to always first to receive new information about our collective evolution and expansion in this reality. Everytime there is a new discovery in tech or science, you can be sure to find it here. We are at the forefront of information and communication especially concerning innovation and disruptive technology.

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Latest Posts :

Switzerland switches off nuclear plant as it begins exit from atomic power


The World’s Oldest Forest Has 385-Million-Year-Old Tree Roots

Compostable Plates Made from Banana Leaves launched by peruvian group

Rolls-Royce unwraps its all-electric zero emissions personal plane that is set to take flight in 2020

Bears in Ukraine aren not hibernating because it’s too warm, many have started suffering from Insomnia

Record hit for most Ice to melt in Antartica in one day, data suggests: “We are in a climate emergency”

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Lea Iman M is a corporate sustainability, diplomacy, clean tech, communication and international affairs expert. She is the CEO of Eden Global Impact, and she used to write in the Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Politicial Science Department Paper, in Canada almost a decade ago.

Lea Iman. M

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