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Eden Global Impact is a project that aims to unite humanity and successfully end the man-caused effects of climate change through clean tech and a sophisticated global strategy including projects like a global reforestation plan, green cities, and the transformation of companies internal processes of production and operation.

This being said, It is a project by humanity for humanity : our Community means a lot to us. It is at the core of everything that we do. First of all, It is the home in which all of us seek refuge and connexion to something bigger than ourselves, bringing the best of ourselves and putting together at the service of humanity. Second, It is the ecosystem which allows us to exist, thrive and benefit individuals, companies and the planet as a whole.

We are the change we wish to see in the world. We like to create deep loyal bonds with our community: our partners, investors, professionals, volunteers, interns and the large public with interest in solutions for climate change .

If you feel the necessity of action to reduce CO2 emissions and  the effects of climate change and feel called to take action, Eden Global Impact can be the community you seek to effectively change the world. If you resonate with our values of cooperation, integrity, innovation, loyalty, perseverance, resilience, and unity, we would love to welcome you on board of our community and suggest to you ways in which you can make an impact on the global situation of our planet.

At Eden Global Impact, we offer a platform where everyone can take one small action, for example volunteering as little as 2 hours a week at our foundation remotely, so together we can make an impact. Eden Global Impact is the first company in the world to directly tackle the problem of climate change in a holistic strategy that includes all variables of the equation. This being said, if we apply Eden Global formulae worldwide, we will be successful in limiting the effects of climate change.

At our foundation, we constantly need volunteers due to the complexity of the problem we are trying to tackle: climate change . In addition to our social and environmental programs, we also propose plans to help developping countries to tackle problems such as food security, water management, desertification, pollution and CO2 emissions.

We welcome all people from all nations, colours and origins, that wish to help in what is known to be most likely the most important mission in human civilization. Partners, Investors, Sustainability professionals, Alumni, volunteers, please reach out via email for more information. We look forward to working with our community to change the world.

“The understanding of oneself is not a result, a culmination; It is seeing oneself from moment to moment in the mirror of relationship_one’s relationship to property, to people, to things and to ideas.But we find it difficult to be alert, to be aware, and we prefer to dull our minds by following a method; by accepting autorities, superstitions and gratifying theories; so our minds become weary, exhausted and insensitive. Such a mind cannot be in a state of creativeness, it is a dull mind, unable to think outside the box It has created for itself “ – Krisnamurti 

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