Eden Global Impact Group is the first company in the world to unite more than 1380 clean technologies and sustainability strategies to help companies transform to sustainable , green and ethical companies. This makes us the leader of clean technologies in the world. We take on the challenge to transform the 500 most polluting companies in every country we work in, by 2030.

Our vision is to prioritize South South Cooperation and sustainable development in industrial as well as developing countries. We are engaged in a long term vision that bridges important green finance funds, with the latest technologies to fight climate change, and tailored and adaptable sustainability strategies for each and ever stakeholders.

To know more about our vision and mission , visit https://edenglobalimpactgroup.com/about/values-and-mission/

We are deeply committed to the idea that we are all interconnected and interdependant. We conceive the grid we operate in, in a holistic inclusive way where stakholders form an intrensic and interconnected set of relationships that defines its operation mode . We believe that all stakeholders have a responsability, that is to opt for operation modes that have a positive impact on people, society, economy and the planet as a whole. This holistic vision of the grid is therefore all inclusive and does not study each phenomena separatly, but in the frame of its relations with stakeholders, including civil society, global and local institutions, governments, corporations. We also include the impact every policy, decision and operation mode has on people, society, economy and the environment.

We believe that change is possible if enough efforts are put into the transition to more sustainable ways of functionning. According to the UNPCC latest report, the UN has officially declared that the deadline to complete the transition to renewable energies is in 8 years, if we are to limit the catastrophic effects of climate change that are threathening our planet. Therefore, our platform is an answer to current climate change issues and the emergency call emmitted by the scientists of our planet to take immediate action fast.

We believe that urgent action is necessary, on behalf of all stakeholders, corporations and governments, if we are to reverse the course of events that will inevitably lead to a destruction of a major part of the environment in a large sense, the extinction of the majority of species on the globe and the extinction of a very large of natural resources in all continents , all over the globe.

We believe that humans can adopt new measures and practical solutions to reduce their impact on the environment, both at an individual and collective level. Governments and big corporations have a big part of responsability in this transition to the Smart Grid, as they have the means necessary to make the transition successful. This is where our work becomes a pivotal axis to help give various stakeholders the tools necessary to make the transition happen. We help implement small and large scale smart grid solutions both internal and external to upgrade the systems we operate on. Being very aware of the emergency now present on planet Earth, we are doubling our efforts to deploy in a rapid and effective way.

Our top management and board of directors includes finance professionals and economists, therefore we have a long term vision and we put a special attention to maximize profit, reduce costs and strenghten the core of every partner organisation we work with.

To know more about who we are https://edenglobalimpactgroup.com/about/who-we-are/

This being said, we see in sustainable development an excellent solution not only to insure the protection of the environment and the instaure the values of sustainability of the New World, but also to create jobs, to reduce production costs at a long term, and to maximize profits. Sustainability is no longer a choice but an urgent necessity, for all actors in the private and public sectors.

Faced with the emergency of necessary global change, we offer solutions to help gradually transform corporations, organisms and government institutions to sustainable , ethical, positively impactful organisms , in all aspects: political industrial, economical, environmental, human and social.

The future is clean, ethical, harmonious and prosper , and It starts now.

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