Eden Eco City

The World’s 1st green city entirely made of plastic waste.

We are thrilled to announce that Eden Global Impact Group is launching the Eden EcoCity, a futuristic ecological city entirely built from waste, on the fascinating coast of Oaxaca in Mexico.

The idea is to show the world what can be done with all the plastic floating around and polluting the waters of our beautiful planet, as well as showing the latest eco clean technologies that are 100% ecological and help replace the old polluting outdated technologies. Every home will run on solar power, will recycle its water for an infinite amount of times, will grow the food that its inhabitants need and will be built using recycled and organic eco building materials.

To know more about the importance of recycling to fight climate change , visit : https://unfccc.int/climate-action/momentum-for-change/activity-database/momentum-for-change-combating-climate-change-through-recycling

We want to feature a healthy and peaceful reality, that allows humans to reduce their impact on the environment and to live in respect and harmony with nature. The Neo Eden City starts as a small community , and expands slowly , building small self sustainable communities connected to one another in a bee hive model , WITHOUT affecting the environment. This is a very important aspect of this new model of the future. We want to show a model of building that only builds in empty spaces , respects plants and trees and where the buildings and gardens are integrated in a symbiotic way with the surrounding environment. We believe in humanity’s capacity to evolve and live in a more sustainable way.

This is a project that aims at the creation of self sustainable communities that are smart, ecological and autonomous. The model can also be applied to existing towns, communities, neighborhoods to help achieve autonomy sustainability, food security and economic prosperity.

The project involves all the basic sectors/areas necessary for communal and municipal living.


I- Values, mission and governance

II- City Design and eco solutions 

III- Food Autonomy

  1. Rooftop gardens
  2. Communal Food Gardens
  3. Food forest

VI- Energy and efficiency

  1. Solar Energy
  2. Wind/Hydro
  3. Tech to maximize efficiency
  4. Plastic transformation into biofuel/various products

V- Science and Education

  1. Deployment of Clean Tech 
  2. Labs for citizens

IV- Economic Prosperity

  1. Business education
  2. Creation of Micro Companies
  3. Ethical Online Market
  4. Impact Investing facilitation

VII- Water and Sanitation

      1. Water recycling systems 

      2. Water Desalination station 

VIII- Waste Management and transformation

     1. Recycling plastics into biofuel

     2. Recycling plastics into construction materials 

VIV- Financial Analysis /ROI

X- Benefits 

1. For the Community

2. For Investors

I- Values, mission and governance

Eden city is a futuristic project that aims to push human potential to its maximum and to make a quantum leap into the future of humanity, a future that is highly ecological, humanitarian, unified, harmonious, technologically advanced and in symbiosis with Earth and the Cosmos. 

The project is a city that will be 100% ecological and technological at once, using only clean technologies that can help humanity reduce its impact on the environment and create a healthy bridge between nature and technology.

To know more about technology and nature , also read :



Eden City is first and foremost a community centered around peace, unity , prosperity and harmony, rather than the human compulsory programs that lack a sense of presence behind.

In terms of values, it draws its inspiration from the Japanese Zen Principles of life. 

Here are Ten Principles of Zen

  1. Zen, derived from the Sanskrit Dhyana, is the subject of Zen Buddhism, and connotes a state of consciousness beyond description. Zen Buddhism provides a system of training of which the immediate object is the experience known as satori. Its ultimate object is enlightenment.

2. The Zen training aims to relieve the inner tension produced by profound experience of the mind’s duality. Until this problem is insufferably acute no approach to the Zen master will be profitable.

3. There are no specifically Zen scriptures, but the doctrinal background of the training is derived from the Perfection of Wisdom Scriptures and the principles of the Yogacara School. These doctrines include Sunyata, the Void of all ‘things’, Tathata, the ‘suchness’ or essential nature of each ‘thing’, and Mind-only, the source of all existence, as of each human mind.

4. The experience of satori cannot be defined, for it takes place beyond the limits of concept, and out of time, in a state of non-duality before the birth of One and Two. It manifests in sudden flashes of awareness which, on the return to the plane of duality, are found to be unmistakable, impersonal and incommunicable.

5. Yet though the experience is sudden, the preparation for it is long, hard and gradual. This process cannot be hurried, yet the pressure towards achievement must be unceasing.

6. Satori cannot be achieved by the senses, the feelings or the process of thought. It can only be known through the faculty of intuition, the power inherent in every mind of direct, immediate perception of Reality. No one knows that he is in this condition, for in satori there is no self to know.

7. Satori is experienced in the course of daily life, though not necessarily in the present life. It is solely concerned with ‘here’, ‘now’ and ‘this’. It appears as the ‘No-middle’ on the Middle Way between all conceivable opposites, for in the division of the opposites it has ceased to be.

8.There are degrees of enlightenment, in the depth, range and duration of the experience, but these terms have no meaning as limiting the experience itself.

9.The results of satori are not immediately visible save to the eye of the master. But its unseen effect is to raise the spiritual condition of mankind.

10.No Zen master teaches anything: there is nothing to teach, for each man is already enlightened. Yet there is a transmission of Zen.

To know more visit : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zen

What Is Zen?


In critical times of planetary changes, our mission is to show that we can live in harmony and we can live a self sufficient, evolved,zero waste, conflict-free, harmonious life, centered around zen practice, discipline and unity.

We strive to show the world that the future is here and that we can live harmoniously abundantly and peacefully. We can live in a sustainable way that can bridge nature and clean technologies to create a future that is clean, ethical, innovative, ecological and prosperous.

With the Eden City, we thrive to create a model system that can be reproduced at larger scales and /or applied to towns and cities , in order to use local resources, recycle , preserve the waters, reforest, promote self sufficiency, re-use , etc …

We will create a food forest and all the living headquarters will be harmoniously integrated into the forest.

We will use clean technologies , water filtering systems, recycling , composting food growing with minimal use of water etc …

The Eden Community is a community based on unity, service, and action to help the Earth and to give the example that is possible to create the future in the most beautiful harmonious way. 

The Eden communities are made of nature lovers of all backgrounds, therapists, scientists, architects, biologists, permaculture and bioconstruction professionals and sustainability experts. Spirituality and centered peaceful living is something that unites the Eden Family members. 

Our Values are those of integrity, cooperation, goodness, unity, respect, exchange, peace , action, ethical work, loyalty, solidarity and discipline. 

The governance model is a circular one, from the founding members to the outside public. The management model is a circular model, that means recompense and decisional power is proportional to the amount of work and /or investment put in place. That will determine the place allocated to the individual within the quantum spiral that is the main system of governance used . 

There will be meetings and get togethers to discuss matters related to management nd governance.

Decisions will be based on majority votes as well as based on founding members veto. It will be important to remember that people who did the primary work of setting the foundation of the city/community are the founding members and will naturally have decisional power as long as it doesnt harm anyone in the community. Members can propose new ideas and projects and all will have to be discussed collectively . Members in the community will have to respect the rules and agreements of living and integrate to the ´´big´´ holistic vision , respect of nature and peace. Abandonment of this important element can lead to exclusion from the collective despite land ownership, that is to say , the person in question can still own the land , live there but they will no longer be allowed into the collective meetings and decision making processes. 

This is , of course, an extreme case , because Eden City is after all  an intentional community that will follow collective management systems and with the help of trained personnel will do all that is in its power to help in the integration of all members .

To know more about intentional communities , visit : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intentional_community

Eden City is a collective, yet we respect individual identity as well. The members of the community each acquire a piece of land, each can manage their home or property , but we can provide designs , plans, access to infrastructure etc. It is mandatory to respect nature and the sustainability rules of building in order to be an integral part of the Eden Collective. 

II- City Design and Ecosolutions

The city is a multi branch living organism that is green and alive. Facilities, free of charge, open  for all citizens will be the following:

  • Yoga Hall
  • Gym
  • Spa and Wellness
  • Library
  • Innovation and tech hub
  • Academy
  • Zen Gardens
  • Restaurant
  • Conference Hall
  • Smart Resort hotel 
  • Temazcal
  • Food Courts and gardens
  • Ceremonial Space
  • Pools 
  • Lake

The City will extend over a 150 hectares land parcel and will count with 33 pyramid homes per hectar (10.000 Square meters) , every villa/parcel will have 333 square meters. This will sum up to a total of 3.333 homes /living headquarters. Every home will be a high standing estate in a pyramid shape with a swimming pool, high tech kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and outdoor garden and patio.

If demand for bigger estates is manifested, an additional 50 hectares will be added to the project , for bigger homes/ estates of 1000 square meters each, making a total of 500 high end villas. 

The Eden Smart City will also count with a high end spa hotel and resort that will be built on a 5 hectares parcel of land and that will allow visitors to come enjoy the city facilities and have the experience of futuristic living for a while. The hotel will count with a maximum capacity of 100 rooms and bungalows and stay will give guests the possibility to enjoy all the cities amenities free of charge.

All facilities stated above will be free of charge for residents and will have a daily fee for visitors, as well as membership options that will be available for purchase. 

The clean technologies utilized will be many, some of which we name solar street lights, solar panels, solar ovens, earthship buildings, organic gardens, aquaponic technologies, water recycling tech…etc 

The project will take place in the State of Oaxaca, one of the most beautiful touristic regions in Mexico. Located on the pacific coast, it is very abundant in fauna and flora, biodiversity, fish as well as an immense potential in renewable wind and hydro energy.

It also attracts a lot of of tourists every year , being one of the ´´magical towns´´ of the country. This being said, all these positive aspects are clouded by some serious natural and infrastructure issues that puts the town´s natural resources -and defacto, puts its tourism potential- at risk. 

Identifying these issues is a first key to coming up with proper solutions and business opportunities.

These issues are :

1- Water scarcity and contamination 

2- Reliance solely on tourism for inhabitants income /absense of other economic means

3- Vulnerability due to weather changes and conditions 

4- High prices for electricity and limited energy access

5- Lack of proper ecological waste management 

6- High food and services prices vs. income average/household

7Lack of recycling facilities /plastic pollution 

8- Huge social classes disparities

We propose many solutions that can help solve these issues and that will be an integral part of the Eden Smart Eco City. 

The following solutions will help locally solve part of the issues stated above, as the Eden city is a smart solutions hub, that helps communities in its region , while resolving economical, environmental and social issues.

1- Eco Smart Food Forest Wellness center 

2- Water Desalination Station 

3- Hydro RE plant

4- Grey Waters treatment plant 

5- Food community gardens and food forests 

6- Plastic Recycling Plant

7- Ethical chamber of Commerce and global ethical market

In addition to resolving issues in its region, The city will be able to generate substantial revenues and therefore manage its own economy while giving back to the investors and owners, by creating the facilities stated above that will sell Eden goods and services .

In the last section of this document we present a financial analysis and ROI for investors, to explain financial benefits of investment into one or many of the stated above facilities.

Materials for building and gardens design

Every building/ house is responsible to get its own building permits and materials . According to our vision and our geographic location, the best materials to be used are local : sand, glass bottles, bambu, fallen trees from the mountains of Oaxaca, rocks, and cal (white naturall cement). 

Recycled materials can be : glass window (all sizes), glass doors, metals, old buses and containers as housing compartments, tires, palets etc ..

We favoritize the use of clean technologies such as solar panels, wateer filtration systems, filtration via plants, wind energy, solar ovens, water sanitation with UV lights, aquaponic culture etc. 

Gardens will be divided into 2 categories : 

One of small pyramids and triangles (individual /per household ) and a bigger project that will be a ´´Food Forest´´. Every garden will have a semi-natural pool or laguna with a water artificial river system that helps keep the flora and fauna hydrated and fresh. 

Small fish will be included in the rivers and fish waste will serve as fertilizer for the gardens .

III- Food Autonomy

Food autonomy is extremely important for communities , especially in these times of planetary change.

           Eden Smart Ecotown not only produces food for its community , but It produces high quality fruits and vegetables  for organic gourmet markets, to produce its own gourmet selection products like jams, cheeses etc …

             There are mainly 3 types of gardens to reach the goal of food autonomy and generate revenue from food production.

  1. Rooftop Gardens 

Every house or business will have an individual garden that will be responsible for the production of foods for the households, using mainly smart techniques and aquaponics. It can be managed by the people of the households, or by a private Eden EcoTown service provider for a fee of 100 $ per month, which will provide the household with thousands of dollars of food value

  1. Communal Food Gardens

            Another option is the communal food gardens that will be managed by communities in one street. That is to say , bigger gardens managed by the collective , with the option to provide the service as well by Eden Management.

     3.  Food forest 

The Food forest is a very ambitious project that aims the creation of a forest from scratch in a sustainable way using natural ecological methods that allow foods to grow in a symbiotic way. This can ensure massive food production , since the foods just grow by themselves, since we apply permaculture knowledge that applies plants compatibilities and harmonious relationships, which allow them to grow naturally and thrive. 

            Food forests usually generate an abundance of food that is quite substancial and require very little effort , especially after the first initial work is done. They can provide effectively to the needs of entire communities. 

            The Eden food forest will produce high quality organic foods that will be transformed into gourmet products destined to high end restaurants, supermarkets and to export.

VI- Energy and efficiency

  The Eden smart forest city is not only 100% powered by renewable sources of energy, but it is also a renewable energy power station that will sell energy to neighbooring communities and towns. The localization of the Eden smart town being on the Oaxaca coastal region will enable it to sell energy to at least 500.000 people residing in the region from Puerto Escondido, San antonio,  Mazunte, zipolite and puerto angel , or the region of Bahias de Huatulco and neighboring towns.

  1. Solar Energy

The region is particularly rich in solar resources all year long even including the rainy

season, which is traditionally less sunny. A part of the Eden smart city will be dedicated solely to the harvest of solar energy through solar panels in a R.E farm setting that allows the capture and the storage of energy all year long. 

  1. Wind/ Hydro power

Ocean waves are an excellent source of energy that is not utilized in the region, it can be particularly good in the rainy season when there are shortage in sunlight , although they are not many. The Eden smart city can provide large energy consuming facilities like factories with clean power through its Wind/ Hydro station. Investment in the renewable energy farms of the Eden smart city is without a doubt one of the most lucrative ventures with a very good return on investment, very low risk and  long term wealth generation. 

The Eden Eco City is a place that prioritizes recycling over single water usage, so this is the system used in all homes and households. The water from showers , dishwashing, and other usages is filtered by plants that are planted on a part of rooftops , before being processed by UV filtering lights and is then reused for the same household consumption. 

      3.  Tech to maximize efficiency

Within the city, various technologies will be utilized to maximize efficiency, storage, and to reduce energy waste . Every Household will be equipped with the Eden technologies and will help reach maximum energy efficiency, while reducing waste. 

         Streets will be equipped with solar lights and with roads that help collect energy from driving vehicles on the road. This will make Eden smart forest city one of the most futuristic, energy saving, highly ecological and technological communities on the planet.

V. Science and Education

Science and technology hold a central place in the Eden Eco City . The city will count with an academy and school that will accompany children from daycare all the way to high school. There will also be a possibility of extra curricular classes for all individuals that want to learn about specific subjects and earn a short program certification , in areas such as languages, science, technology, political science, sustainability, permaculture, bioconstruction and engineering etc…

Several alliances will be made with a few top world academic institutions for education continuity of alumni for post graduation programs after highschool. Some of these institutions are McGill University, UQAM, Concordia, University of Toronto, Stanford University, Harvard University, Berkeley University, etc. 

  1. Deployment of Clean Tech

Clean Technologies are central in the making of the Eden Smart Eco City. They are available at a planetary scale and they teach us about the possibility of being highly efficient while being completely free of ecological negative impact on the environment. 

           This is why we make the promotion of these technologies not only by implementing them and deploying them in the making of the city, but also by promoting them outside of the community, in neighboring towns and cities as well having them  available for purchase in a tech hub that will be part of the city but with public access for visitors. 

                   2.  Clean Tech Labs and innovation hub

The Eden Smart city will also have an innovation and tech hub where lovers of technology can research together, learn about new technologies and explore their invention and innovation capacities. Children will be encouraged to explore as much as adults , and weekly programs, documentaries and workshops will be implemented. 

           Workshops will also be open to local communities of farmers that can benefit from the latest discoveries in farming and technology, as the Eden teams will help them understand the benefits of clean technologies and how they can utilize them to better their crops, reduce their impact on the environment and increase productivity.


  IV- Economic Prosperity

  1. Business education

As we advance in the creation of the Eden Smart Forest city, we will weave relationships with farmers, women, artisans and local communities. Economic prosperity is one of the pillar of the New Earth we wish to create, that is why we will prioritize initiation to business, finance, commerce, online business, etc to all the members of the community, as well as neighbooring communities that can highly benefit from this knowledge , and that can become part of the Eden Network of people and communities that work together to create prosperity and live abundantly. 

         2.  Creation of Micro Companies

Eden is more than just an ecological city, It is a mothership made of a myriad of parts that

all together form the New World we wish to create. Eden Smart city is not a project strictly for the wealthy where we will creat a heaven and live separately from the world. 

Eden is a social, environmental and humanitarian project that wants to create a positive impact in the region where it will be located as a whole. That is why we will work together with local neighbooring communities and we will help create as many micro companies for their products, to help them generate abundance for them and their families and eradicate poverty. 

         3.  Ethical Online Market 

On the same vision of making a difference and making the world a better place, the creation of micro companies and the creation of an online ethical market to sell the goods that local communities produce will propel them forward and give them a push to integrate the global market. 

The global ethical market will have the mission to sell products made by local communities in an ecological way, free of harm to the planet of the people. The vision is that of a world where we support indigenous and native communities, be more independent and access the global market with products that are produced in an ethical and ecological responsible way. This will also be a way and solution that will help develop resilience globally in times of crisis, as peoples of rural communities will continue to produce goods and just need a way to get their products to the global market to be able to create a sustainable economy that will survive despite a possible economic global collapse. 

        4.  Impact Investing facilitation

The finance world still counts with big funds of green and impact investment that need to be placed into projects that have the interests of the people and nature at heart. We help connect the right investors with ethical project creators that are much needed  in building the New World that will be the new foundation for tomorrow’s global economy. 

            V. Water and Sanitation

      1. Water recycling systems 

More technologies will be used to filter water and systems in the city and to ensure good sanitation. 

      2. Water Desalination station

             The Eden Smart Forest City is a multifaceted project that also includes a water desalination station that will be of immense utility in the pacific coast of Oaxaca where water scarcity is becoming a serious issue. 

               The station will be part of the city’s lucrative projects and will be built on the beach shore. It will be able to process tens of thousands of tons of water every day, thus providing the neighboring communities  with clean potable water that can be used for farming, households needs and drinking. 

              The water crisis is that of urgency in the region and finding solutions is a necessity. Thus, we believe that the government will be of great help and support if we can provide the necessary solutions. 

    Water scarcity in the region has pushed local people to deplete aquatic undersurface reserves and wells do not bring up any water anymore. The project also aims to inject water into the earth and to restore the long gone water resources that were depleted, helping in this way the entire ecosystem. 

VIII- Waste Management and transformation

     1. Recycling plastics into biofuel

Plastic is a serious issue that threatens all communities from all over the world, especially in developing countries where plastic recycling facilities are rare or completely inexisting. As part of our waste management solutions, we plan to transform not only the Eden Community’s plastic into high quality goods and biofuels, but we also plan to expand the plan to collect all the coastal side of the State of Oaxaca’s plastic and use it as raw material to create various household products such as furniture, toys, decoration items, but also to produce biofuel that can be sold at the Eden gas station to power vehicles and boats. 

           The basic plant that helps transform plastic into biofuel is a simple one and it averages a cost of 10 000 usd for the production of basic 40 households needs of biofuel. We plan the installation of a bigger plant, that will have about 100 times the capacity of the previous one described above. The plant will be located in the periphery of the city and will be powered 100% from renewable energy sources. 

            This will have a great environmental impact on the region, that will benefit from resolving the plastic problem while using biofuel for vehicles and thus reducing CO2 emissions, since biofuel is the most ecological fuel that is available nowadays cutting emissions by more than 85%. 

     2. Recycling plastics into construction materials 

The city will also have an ecological bricks factory that will manufacture building materials like bricks and building blocks from recycled plastic. This will help replace toxic products like cement with good products that are zero waste , toxicity free and can help reduce plastic pollution in the region by transforming it into good useful products . 

Want to be part of this ?

1- Volunteer Become a permanent member of the Eden Community and always be welcome to stay for free in this paradise.

2- Reserve your home Hi End design homes for all budgets , from 30 k USD all the way to hi end villas ranging around 300 k USD.

3- Invest We are open to investors no matter their size , being one of the most lucrative ventures with an ROI of over 6000%. Invest as little as 200$ and watch your money multiply within a year!

For more information, send us a message and we will happy to assist you.

Together, We build the future we want to see .

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