Humanity’s 1st upgrade program into a solar advanced civilization

After years of quietly brainstorming, #designing and #engineering clean technologies, etc, we have realized something very important : nothing will change , if #Humans don’t change , from the #insideout .
The change that we need is a change in #consciousness , healing #ourselves , and healing our collective. Understanding the subconscious mechanisms behind our actions, is #essential to turn around the disaster of #climatechange.

Today, We are proud to present you #SHIFT , humanity’s first program and app to assist in the transition to the #newparadigm .

A big part of the program is human sustainability from meditation , yoga, mind engineering , counseling, therapy, neuropsychology, fitness, intelligent diets, permaculture, recycling at home, food gardening, green business, impact finance, introductions to clean tech, community living etc.

The program is also available for companies and communities to help them completely transform and become 100% sustainable.

We can’t wait to #launch and help #humanity reach its full #potential! More info coming soon!

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