As mentioned in other sections, Eden Global Impact is the first platform uniting humanity and successfully ending the man-caused effects of climate change throught direct action.

Eden Global Impact Group contains both a clean tech company with the mission to  replace the polluting technologies and practices with lower impact solutions. On the other hand, Eden Foundation is an NGO that tackles the problem by working on big scale environmental and social projects.

Our volunteers are extremely valuable and important to us. They help solve the biggest problem of humanity: climate change. Without them, It wouldn’t be the same. The more volunteers we have on this mission, the faster we can advance in stopping climate change effects, and ensuring better chances of survival of our species. It is a known fact nowadays that we are the ones who will directly suffer from the inaction  in face of the climate emergency, yes , It will be our generation that will harvest the negative impacts of climate change.


Our projects Pipeline is an extensive one that effectively tackles few of the biggest environmental problems of our lifetime. Here are a few :

  • Project 500 most polluting companies Transformation
  • Project New Delhi : Green SmartCity
  • Project GreenWorld : Reforesting the Planet (Planting 5 billion trees by 2030)
  • Project Foodforallcities: Food gardens in dense cities all over the world
  • Project LawonPolution worldwide bill proposal

 This being said our volunteers also benefit from a world class training and can learn a lot by volunteering with us. If you feel called to know more, Please send us a message and /or your volunteering applications via email.

Together, We can change the world.

Tree Planting Infographic

Ocean Trash Breakdown Infographic

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