Why Sustainability?


As the latest special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 °C, issued Oct. 7, 2018, by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, one million species are about to disappear if we do not change the accelerating course of  CO2 emissions, caused by our current industrial production systems.

According to the report, we are at the verge of an unprecetended environmental global disaster that will be irreversible for humanity as well as other species around the globe, unless we take steps to reverse the course of things.

We are faced with the emergency of a necessary change of our entire systems, from micro to macro, individual and corporate, social, economical, industrial and technological. The latest UNPCC report was produced by a selection of some of the world’s top scientists and the results were disturbing. Having already led to the extinction of 60% of animals – and the numbers keep ascending- we are clearly going the wrong direction.

Despite all these factors, we understand that there are concerns of the private and public sectors that prevent the change to 100% clean systems, making leaders hesitant to adopt the new technologies and strategies that promote clean energy, sustainability and more ethical practices. Some of these concerns are budget, results, impact on productivity and quality of products etc…This is why, Eden Global Impact understands leaders and thinks about ways in which we can help them analyse and adopt the right growth strategies that are effective and highly rewarding.

Here are a few reasons why the transition to sustainability is probably the most profitable and rewarding investment opportunity for all leaders.

 Why sustainability?


 1   The new generation of consumers is different  – 

            Societies are getting older all around the planet with the numbers of young people declining , therefore the ability to buy things and consume declining . This can be a reason big enough to cause the  collapse of the entire economy. If there is less human workforce generation after generation, both the capacity of production of goods and consumption capacity will be impacted. 

It is often said that ‘’China will be old before It is rich enough to be old’’. The shrinking consumer target audience will be typically young millenials, aware and awake . Therefore, the new consumer is richer, aware and will decide to enhance its quality of life . He will also care for the planet as  the limate emergency will be the first problem its generation will face. He will choose organic cruelty free ethical products over the bad quality toxic ones. The transition towards sustainability is no longer a choice , It is a must if we want to be able to surf the upcoming wave of global change, and adapt to the changing conditions in the economic demand. Global budgets will be deeply impacted by the effects of climate change. From this perspective, taking action to change our systems sooner than later is a must, and the most perfectly logical solution for the challenge.


2   Strategy is future, sustainability is key

The  conservation of the environment is also the conservation of the basic condition of our existence and ability to make business . Therefore, we must preserve the environment as a way of preserving the resources that allow us to make business, and that are vital to modern civilization. Ignoring this aspect would be the equivalent of an economic suicide, since the serious effects of climate change on people and economies will be visible in our lifetime.


3   A lesser sales volume is to be expected

Sea levels are rising , many people will be jobless, moved…We will witness the rise of hundreds of millions of climate refugees around the world. In the worse case scenario those numbers can reach 1 billion refugees. This will greatly affect economies, expected to collapse entirely under such conditions.  This will also mean the loss of hundreds of millions of jobs, companies, economies.. The ability to consume will drop significantly , and the ability to generate strong productive and prosper economies will suffer consequently. By switching to sustainable systems, companies ensure their ability to stay in business by becoming autonomous energetically and technically, and gaining in value, building loyalty with big groups of clients and acquiring big market shares.

4- International fragmentation

The climate crisis is also going to lead to a big race for exponentially diminishing resources , which will lead to the building of walls between countries, holding back water and resources, wars between nations , evergrowing famine etc.

By adopting sustainable systems of production and operation, we also contribute to stabilizing the  security and safety of our nations, by helping reduce our impact on the environment we also protect peace and security around the world.







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