Our projects Pipeline is an extensive one that effectively tackles few of the biggest environmental problems of our lifetime. Here are a few :

2020 Projects

  • Project 500 most polluting companies Transformation
  • Project New Delhi : Green SmartCity
  • Project GreenWorld : Reforesting the Planet (Planting 5 billion trees by 2030)
  • Project Foodforallcities: Food gardens in dense cities all over the world
  • Project LawonPolution worldwide bill proposal

2019 Projects 

  • Reforestation using drones and national defense airforce (worldwide starting with Ghana, Morocco , Africa) 
  • Clean Tech industrial solutions Implementation research
  • Program development and transformation strategies for companies and startups (HR, communication and marketing, Diplomacy and PR, business development)
  • SmartGreen Cities projects
  • Education campaign via NGO